Whether you’re a sports coach co-ordinating teams for a private school or a head coach overseeing 30 Brisbane Premier League teams at a football club, you may have identified that you need some specialist coaching assistance.

Even with great coaches, you can’t always provide feedback to individual players to improve their game, particularly when it comes to technical skills. You may need:

  • expert advice on team player selection
  • advice and planning for individual teams
  • specialty or guest coaching sessions
  • additional advice leading up to big matches or tournaments
  • match tactical advice
  • specific technical ability coaching like ball control, defence, passing and attacking.

Stefano comes to your training fields and works with you to assess your needs and develop a coaching plan to suit your short-term or long-term coaching needs.

Costs for consultant coaching range depending on the level of involvement and the length of contract. Costs will be negotiated and tailored depending on your needs.

Contact Stefano if you would like to find out more about consultant coaching.


A GPS school’s Director of Football decided he needed a unique new strategy for the 2014 football season to improve how his school competes in the GPS league.  He recognised that the school’s teams needed motivation and that they need some help to work together and to play with confidence and self-belief.

As a former international professional player, Stefano was brought in as a consultant coach for the 2014 season.  Stefano attended the pre-season team selection trials.  He met with the team coaches and attended training sessions and matches for the first couple of weeks so that he learnt about the individual teams’ strengths and areas that could be improved.   He then joined the teams and their coaches for a couple of sessions to help tailor their skills and mind-set and motivate them for the season ahead.